About Me

I am a full stack WordPress developer with 8 years of experience. I have been programming for over 10 years. I spend most of my time developing WordPress plugin and themes. Coding is my passion and love it. I work hard to write good, reliable and maintainable code. I can lead and I can follow. I can work alone or in groups. I can design and I can follow other people’s designs.


WordPress WP MultiSite Plugin/ Themes PHP MySql JavaScript Node.js React.js PHP Unit Testing Selenium Laravel PhotoshopSketch AWS WPEngine LAMP git/svn Shopify Gulp/GruntCI/CD

Projects and Jobs

Developer and founder AnsPress
Open source project
One of my flagship WordPress product. This is an open source WordPress plugin for question and answer. Very flexible and complete solution for adding a question and answer section in WordPress. Source code can be found here GitHub
Full stack web Developer at CampDoug
A seattle based tech company. Company specializes in WordPress and Shopify theme development.
Community Site for Allrecipes.com
I was working for Allrecipes.com to develop their community blog site at dish.allrecipes.com. This site is built on top of WordPress and uses wp-rest-api and node.js. I was the in-charge of backend development and AWS management.
Single Page Website for Tactile Inc.
Tactile is a product design, UX / UI design and mechanical engineering consultancy that focuses on consumer, technology, medical and industrial products. I was hired to redevelop their site to a SPA website where react.js is used in front and WP in backend.
Blog for Chef
Chef is a tech company known for the automation software called Chef. I was hired for redeveloping their blog and event site on top of WordPress.
WordPress customization Autel Robotics
A company specializes in drone production. I was hired for WordPress development and customization.
WordPress customization Hammer and Hands
A construction company. I was hired to customize and improve their existing WordPress site.
WP Theme Askbug
A clean and very user-friendly question and answer theme for WordPress based on AnsPress. Build a professional question and answer site in minutes.